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Marie, Ontario, nel , seguito da un ufficio a Montreal, Quebec, nel Le associazioni delle città più piccole facevano lo stesso. Les associations de village sont en quelques sorte une reproduction des villes italiennes au Canada. Elles représentent un univers émotionnel. Les chiffres présentés dans ses recherches sont particulièrement révélateurs des tendances rencontrées chez les immigrants italiens. Avec des lois en place pour protéger les travailleurs, le rôle des associations se transforme aussi. Les gens éprouvaient un sentiment de fierté quant à leurs origines et les associations se sont essentiellement concentrées sur des activités religieuses et de loisirs.

Par exemple, je suis très fier de mes origines siciliennes; ce qui va de soi pour tout le monde. Les identités ne sont pas des choses monolithiques. À un certain moment, on peut revendiquer une identité canadienne, une identité montréalaise ou une identité de village italien. Les associations maintiennent ce lien vivant. I numeri della sua ricerca sono rivelatori e mostrano gli schemi ai fini matrimoniali adottati dagli immigrati italiani.

Con le leggi in atto a tutela dei lavoratori, anche il ruolo delle associazioni italiane ha cambiato direzione. Le associazioni mantengono viva un tipo di identità che qualcuno ha per diritto. Le identità non sono cose monolitiche: Le associazioni mantengono vivo quel legame — mantengono vivo il fattore identità. Many Italian-Canadians have kept traditions and customs from the old country alive and thriving in Canada — anything from winemaking, to big Sunday lunches, to speaking dialect.

Maturi is a member of the executive committee of the Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania — Canada, and also runs the Giovani Campani nel Mondo Canada which targets youths, often the children of Italian immigrants from the region of Campania. The cycling club Eastern Riders is a perfect example. Vous êtes encore plus italiens que nous! Certains rituels sont simplement devenus la norme dans la plupart des familles immigrantes italiennes.

Maturi fait partie du comité exécutif de la Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania — Canada, et dirige le groupe Giovani Campani nel Mondo Canada qui cible les jeunes Italiens originaires de la région de la Campanie. Le club de cyclisme des Eastern Riders est un parfait exemple. Discrimination strengthens community ties But Italian immigrants in Canada were not always proud to be Italian.

Many Italian immigrants were interned. He decided to get a group of fellow professional musicians together and at the first show of the revived Corpo Musicale in — 73 years after his grandfather played in that band — Di Lauro was moved to tears. At the end of the show, the doors were closed and I was the only one left in the lobby. I looked out the window and I started to cry. What ties us to Italy is nostalgia, so we have traditions, religious feasts and cultural activities that have just become part of Canadian tradition. Since that day, Di Lauro has started a bursary program to give young Italian-Canadian musicians a boost in their studies or early career.

Anything that goes back to the homeland, they participate — they see themselves on stage. Some mix five dialects at a time, but so what? At least they can understand and express themselves…We should be proud. After all these years, we are still very much Italian. À la fin du spectacle, une fois les portes fermées, je suis resté seul dans la salle. Dès lors, Di Lauro a institué un programme de bourses offert aux jeunes musiciens Italo-canadiens pour les aider dans leur cheminement scolaire et à démarrer leur carrière. Pour Leo Sama, dramaturge et fondateur de la troupe Pier 21 Productions, ça a toujours été primordial de donner une voix aux immigrants italiens dans le monde des arts.

Si nous ne le faisons pas. Qui le fera? Tout ce qui les ramène à leur terre natale les anime. Ils se projettent sur scène. Au moins, ils arrivent à se faire comprendre… Nous devrions être fiers. Après toutes ces années, nous sommes toujours encore très italiens. But for Tirelli, the joy of being born Italian-Canadian comes with responsibilities as well. But, the next generation will need to put in extra effort to revive the Italian language and culture to bring it forward. Her résumé includes travelling to Rome in to represent Italian-Canadian youth at the first ever conference of Italians abroad organized by the Italian government. In , she was instrumental in organizing the first conference of Italians in Canada.

I wanted to connect with the young and not so young Italian-Canadians from Montreal, and reconstruct the image of Italians in Montreal and in Quebec. I think that in , young Italians want to reconnect with their Italianness without any borders or limits. We should speak in Italian to our friends, parents, kids. When you lose the language, you lose the essence of the culture itself. He believes that it will take more than just learning how to speak, dress or cook Italian to preserve the culture in Canada. Many Italians in Italy are vegetarian and do not drink coffee. Many Italians do not give a damn about soccer or any national team.

Does that make them less Italian? To be a cultural person means that you actively participate in the culture you are interested in. He warns young Italian-Canadians about the pitfalls of identifying superficially with the culture. Existence or disappearance. Italian-Canadians are balancing between an old-fashioned Italian identity created in the past century and the more encompassing Italic identity to be created. They are walking on a very thin wall. They will have to come down eventually. This is why these up-coming decades are the most important moments in the history of Italians in the world.

Loffredi says there is a distinction to be made between being Italian and being Italian-Canadian. Preserving the culture is living the culture; it is innate for them. This being said, there is still an interest in keeping the culture going and building upon it. Essentially, the culture is no longer Italian or Italian-Canadian; it has become the Canadian-Italian way of life. For many of them, the community will sustain itself and continue onward for years to come. However, based on my experiences, the lack of participation amongst youth will be detrimental to our progress. This is why there has been a greater push to get the youth involved on behalf of the larger Italian organizations.

Many of them have realized that the actions they take now will determine the future of the community. But not everyone thinks the situation is so precarious. Isabella Tirelli believes every bit counts. Others may preserve their culture by going to Italy on vacation and discovering the beauty of the country. We can all be in love with our Italianness in different ways. Understandable, given the sheer number of Italian-Canadians living in those large cities. But a careful look across Canada reveals that little pockets, enclaves, and coteries of Italian culture thrive in just about every nook and cranny of this country. Mention Calgary, Alberta, and — thanks to the iconic Calgary Stampede — images of Stetson hats, cowboy boots, leather chaps, and a spirited hoedown come to mind, not fazzoletti, aprons, dirndl skirts, and a kicking tarantella.

The Calgary Italian Folk Dancers — Gli Azzurri — is a non-profit dance company dedicated to preserving and honouring Italian culture through dance and music. The group has performed for and with Italian peers overseas in and , and recently received recognition by dancing at Disney Performing Arts OnStage. Tiziana Chappell née Galambos , 33, artistic director of Gli Azzurri since , notes the group was inaugurated for the Calgary Olympics. And it took off from there. Now we have 42 dancers, and 5 different groups, ranging in age from 4 to Chappell is a native Calgarian, but her parents come from Molise.

Our dances reflect that as we perform tarantellas from several regions. And since traditional costumes cost so much, we make our own, true to these regions. Comprensibile, considerato il numero di italo-canadesi che vive in quelle grandi città. Ma uno sguardo attento su tutto il Canada rivela che capannelli, enclavi e gruppetti di cultura italiana fioriscono più o meno in ogni nicchia e fessura di questo paese. Tiziana Chappell alla nascita Galambos , 33 anni, direttore artistico di Gli Azzurri dal , precisa che il gruppo fu lanciato in occasione delle Olimpiadi di Calgary del Chappell, insieme alle istruttrici di ballo Anna Galambos, 35 anni sorella di Chappell , e Rosa Petrillo, 33 anni, ha cominciato a ballare da bambina e fa parte del gruppo da allora.

Chappell è nata a Calgary, ma i suoi genitori vengono dal Molise. I nostri balli riflettono questa varietà, dato che ci esibiamo con tarantelle di regioni diverse. E poichè i costumi tradizionali costano tanto, ce li facciamo da soli, rimanendo fedeli a queste regioni. Per farlo,. Our dedicated instructors, Tiziana, Anna and Rosa, who all grew up with the group, now pass on their skills and enthusiasm to the youth. Dance has been integral to Italian culture since the days of Dante, whose coeval Giovanni del Virgilio made the earliest mention of Italian folk dance. The first Italian dance manuals were composed as far back as the 15th century. Of course, when we talk about Italian folk dancing, the tarantella, in all its regional adaptations, predominates.

Originally created to mimic the seizures of tarantula bite victims called tarantolati , the tarantella was believed to act as an antivenin. Grace Lupi, presidente de Gli Azzurri negli ultimi 9 anni, concorda sul fatto che la comunità italiana di Calgary sia incredibilmente variegata. Le figlie di Lupi, Nicoletta, 17 anni, e Daniella, 15 anni, fanno parte del gruppo sin da bambine. Casalinga e decoratrice part-time, Lupi riveste molti ruoli come presidente, consigliando e dirigendo, disegnando i costumi, raccogliendo fondi, organizzando serate di gala, il tutto con la missione di mantenere vivo il proprio lascito culturale italiano, soprattutto man mano che la generazione di immigrati invecchia.

Ed è sicuramente una tradizione che vale la pena preservare. Il ballo è parte integrante della cultura italiana sin dai tempi di Dante, il cui contemporaneo Giovanni del Virgilio fece il primo riferimento al ballo folcloristico italiano. I primi manuali di ballo furono composti nel XV secolo. Di certo, quando si parla di ballo popolare italiano, la tarantella, in tutti i suoi adattamenti regionali, predomina. In questo modo, cerchiamo di mantenere un tono fresco, senza discostarci troppo. Iacono left her birthtown of Cattolica Eraclea, Agrigento in Sicily at the age of 34 to come to Canada — speaking only dialect.

About 2, years ago, during Roman times, many spoke Latin. Parts of northern Italy had dialects deriving from German, while other regions of Italy had Slovenian and Croatian dialect derivatives. Today, every town and village in Italy has its own variation on Standard Italian, resulting in thousands of local dialects, with many of them being unintelligible to others. It is needless to say they played a fundamental role in maintaining the language of origin. Mignacca, who speaks impeccable Italian as well as Gallucciano dialect, says monthly association meetings are often carried out in dialect.

It carries forth the language and ensures its existence within a given community. Her perception is right, according to Villata. Iacono, who is a grandmother and great-grandmother, agrees that forgetting our dialects would be like forgetting our heritage. Sebbene sia difficile dire con certezza quanti dialetti ci siano in Italia, in ambito accademico si distinguono solitamente tre gruppi principali: Quando gli antichi Romani si insediarono nella penisola, si trovarono a interagire con popolazioni già presenti.

Verso il , con la nascita del ceto borghese, classe intermediaria tra gli esponenti dei ceti più colti che conoscevano il latino e quelli più umili che, al contrario, ne ignoravano il significato, si fece sempre più pressante il bisogno di sostituire il volgare al latino. Fu un lungo dibattito quello che si spinse fin oltre il , con alcuni che ritenevano il toscano una lingua unitaria, dato il successo in letteratura e la presenza di elementi comuni con gli altri volgari; altri che invece volevano si creasse una nuova lingua prendendo spunto da tutti i dialetti. È a questo punto che subentra la differenza tra gli italiani emigrati in Canada tra il e quelli degli ultimi anni.

Dopo la Seconda guerra mondiale, i cambiamenti socio-culturali in Italia furono enormi: Quando crescerai, parlerai pure il dialetto! Amici e parenti concordano. Sono proprio queste sfumature, queste nuance a conferire ai dialetti un valore inestimabile. Of course, you understand, but do you, really? Do you grasp what is being said to you? You might understand if you come from the same block, from the old country. Otherwise, you know it is all satire and it has nothing to do with you. Now this is the question to ask yourself. Who do you call a paesano? And why? The words pais and paes originate from pagensis meaning countryside, territory and pagus town, bourg. These words evolved to signify peasant and the territory around the village.

Much later, the concepts grew to embrace the modern concept of town and the castle, usually found in the centre of the hamlet. In time, these notions led to the abstract idea of patria fatherland, motherland , not from any Italian dialect, but from Spanish. It was thus a foreign concept probably introduced by Spanish landowners to identify their Italian serfs. It was the usual we-versus-they discourse. This differentiation of people subtly brings about a distinction of value and quality. Appellations such as this suggest that one is congratulatory, and the other is degrading. This important point brings us to the term villano that is linked to the word pagano, referring to the uneducated peasant.

Paesano quite literally identifies self and the other as contadini. Nevertheless, it is not so much an area that becomes the parameter of identity, but the profession. One doubts very much that the landowner would salute his serf as paesano. He most surely addressed the serf pagano, who would, in turn, greet his boss with such titles as Dottore or Professore when the landowner was educated. The boss would never, not even ironically, salute his worker as a paesano.

There is a layer of lifestyle that distinguishes one from the other. Persons from the same social class alone can designate another as a paesano. Many consider paesano as another label for compatriot. It is not. Being a compatriot eliminates cultural, religious, linguistic, and caste difference. Persons are united by a real or imaginary feeling of belonging to a social club free of disparity: Paesano as a tag conceals a deep paradox. An Italian-Montrealer might. Sharing Italian roots might enable both men to jump over any barrier for a second or two of happiness.

But soon distance would fall back in between them. The two men might clink glasses after finding out that they are both from the Abruzzo region. But such a coincidence would still not make them paesani. Indeed, a fixed geographical location is never enough to bring Italians together. Territory identification alone does not sit well with Italians. Craft and working skills are the appropriate incentives to bring men and women under the same umbrella. A woman would never call her boyfriend a paesano if he were the child of the landowner for which her father or mother had worked in Abruzzo. Earth-tilling serfs had to move to fresh fields. This is probably one reason why it is so difficult for Italians to draw solid family trees as, for instance, is the case with other communities.

Italian genetic trees usually stop at the beginning of the eighteenth century, when all gets blurred, uncertain, and unreliable. Being a paesano is one of the many valid positions that permits one to claim participation in a complex, diversified community assuredly not bound by blood relationship. Calling a man a paesano is an invitation to social communion. Such consent of righteousness, meekness, and toleration is a stamp of approval.

Paesano, in other words, provides people with the moral license of total alliance. Paesano certifies intimacy and distance, exogamy instead of endogamy. Instead of calling for sameness, paesano guarantees men and women a passport to a diversified future. DiCerbo has had a passion for cooking for as long as he can remember and credits his Neapolitan mother for instilling the value of fresh ingredients. The Mississauga stay-at-home dad finished in the Top 6 during the inaugural season of MasterChef Canada, and since then he has shared his love of food with others by teaching cooking classes and catering.

Once hot, add oil, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, salt and pepper. Cook vegetables until tender and soft, about minutes. Add ground beef and increase heat to medium-high. Stir meat into vegetables and cook until well browned, about 10 minutes, making sure to stir often. Stir, reduce heat to low and simmer, partially covered, for at least 20 minutes.

On medium-high heat with lid on, steam squash until soft and very tender, about minutes. Strain well in colander. With the back of a spoon, gently press squash against colander squeezing out more water. Allow to cool slightly. Puree squash with food processor or mash very well with a fork. Place into a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix with a spoon until combined. Transfer onto a lightly floured surface and knead until well combined. Cover with bowl or towel. Cut dough into 8 pieces and cover. Lightly toss with flour and place on a lightly floured sheet pan.

Make sure they do not touch. Cover with towel and allow to dry slightly from 20 minutes up to 3 hours. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add gnocchi and stir. Cook gnocchi until they start floating to the top. Add pasta water and meat sauce. Stir to combine. Place into 8 ramekins 5 ounce and equally top with remaining cheese. Bake in pre-heated oF oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Garnish with basil and serve.

Italiano a pagina With the end of the hot season comes an opportunity to enjoy vegetables such as eggplant and Italian squash at their peak. Drain well and set aside in a large bowl. Mix well. Rub one tablespoon of olive oil over both sides of flank steak and cover with spice mixture. Let sit for 15 minutes. Alternatively, cover and refrigerate for hours. Using a long piece of tin foil, fold it to make a boat-like dish.

Place tomatoes in dish and add crushed garlic, 2 tablespoons olive oil, pinch of oregano and thyme, and salt and pepper. Place on BBQ with medium heat for about 8 minutes. On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, toss acorn squash, onion, garlic, lemon rind and sage with 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Preheat BBQ on high heat. Season flank steak with salt and pepper just before grilling. Cook for minutes on both sides or until desired internal temperature. Allow to rest for 5 minutes before slicing. Roast in oven for 25 minutes or until golden brown, tossing halfway through. When done, place into bowl with farro. Mix and season to taste. Thinly slice across the grain and place on serving platter. Top with grilled tomatoes and cooking juices from tomatoes. Garnish with fresh basil. Pulse while slowly pouring in the olive oil until the pesto is thoroughly pureed.

Add the cheese, salt and pepper, and pulse until combined. Season with salt and pepper to taste then lightly toss. Set aside. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Lightly cover the parchment with 1 tablespoon of oil. Arrange eggplant slices on baking sheet and lightly season with salt and pepper. Evenly top eggplant slices with mixture. Let mixture fall freely, do not compress. Finish by topping with remaining Parmigiano-Reggiano and olive oil.

Bake at oF for 30 minutes. Arrange on serving dish, drizzle pesto over top, and sprinkle with remaining pine nuts. Mescolare per amalgamare. Aggiungere metà dei formaggi e mescolare. Disporre negli 8 pirottini 5 oncie e distribuire il formaggio rimanente in parti uguali. Guarnire con basilico e servire. Per il farro e la zucchina arrostita Istruzioni Riscaldare una casseruola pesante a temperatura moderata. Lasciar cuocere il soffritto per circa minuti, finché tenero e soffice. Aggiungere il manzo macinato ed alzare la temperatura a medio-alta. Aggiungere mescolando la carne al soffritto per circa 10 minuti, finché ben rosolata, assicurandosi di mescolare spesso.

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